It’s an Expectation Situation…

Just like most of the world, I find that my dear friend and I are struggling with things. Different things, but things just the same. While talking the other day, I told her that I think many of our struggles and disappointments come from expectations. Having expectations of people, places and things. When they don’t measure up to what we have created in our minds, we are let down and we struggle. And, often times, we wallow.

But, today, I have been thinking that perhaps this isn’t the problem at all. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not our expectations which create the problem. Maybe, just maybe, it’s that our expectations fall short. They are too small; not near big enough. The fact is, God has promised us eternal life in the most beautiful, most peaceful place; a place so incredible that it is beyond human imagination. And, as children of God, we are told to EXPECT this promise to come true; to live with expectation of this very promise.

But to all who did receive him,

Lord, I ask that you help those of us who struggle with this expectation problem; who let things and expectations, small in comparison, distract us from the only expectation that really matters…eternal life with You. Even when things seem to be falling apart; even when things and life as we know it, have already fallen apart, we are incredibly and indescribably blessed. You sent Your son for us and Your son, not willing to take the easy way out, lived and walked on this same earth that we walk. He then died a criminal’s death…all for us. Thank you for giving us such ultimate expectation and hope. We ask that you continue to bear with us as we stumble along the journey to You. Please keep reminding us that when we can’t see, hear or feel you, it’s not that you aren’t there. It’s simply that we need to refocus our expectations. We love you. Amen and Ehmen.

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