The Day In Between

On this Saturday, the last day of March 2018, the eve of the glorious day our Lord and Savior arose from the grave, let’s take a moment to reflect on the day in between…

amen and ehmen!

It’s sometimes called Holy Saturday, the Great Sabbath, Black Saturday and Easter Eve. But what is today, really?

Well, I think today—the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday—is just that,jesus on cross the day in between.

The silent day that lay mournfully and mysteriously between the brutal crucifixion of our Lord and Savior and His joyous resurrection. The day between a promise and its fulfillment.

I can’t even begin to imagine how those who loved and followed Jesus must have felt on this day; just hours before having watched as God’s own promise hung tethered to a rugged cross; bloody; lifeless; hopeless.

I just can’t even imagine how they felt when the world’s only hope that God Himself had so lovingly poured into the flesh of a baby more than three decades prior was taken down from the cross, a crumpled and shattered shell; breathless; dead.

Oh the grief, the fear, and…

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Step Back Satan; She’s Ready to Rumble

To my dear friend who entered the boxing ring this time last year and emerged victoriously, Jesus right beside her holding up her right hand in victory! I’m so, so proud of how far you have come and the woman of God that you are! You are a true inspiration and one of the most beautiful souls I have ever known. I am so glad that God put us on this journey together. Forever the sister of my soul and partner in purpose. I love you, Denny. So glad this came up in my memories today. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Happy Easter!

amen and ehmen!

The Boxing Match Begins…Classic Vintage Boxing Ring Corner

     The journey that had brought me to this point had been arduous, a rollercoaster ride filled with slow crawls up the peak of a steep-rising hill followed by a plummet to the lowest of valleys below.

The difference in a rollercoaster and this life journey was that more times than not there didn’t seem to be enough momentum for my friend to climb the next hill and, as hard as I tried to hold on to her, she would break out so that she could stay in the valley a little longer.

It was so hard to understand what power this deep, dark place held over her, but the fact was it had become so familiar to her that she had begun to mistake it as her safe place. It was miserable. It was scary. It was damp and dark. But, it’s what she knew. And…

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