Her Faith Rises Up like a Phoenix…

 pheonix borrowed from webWriter’s Note: Over the years, I have watched my friend struggle with depression, but, no matter how dark the nights may get, her faith has always managed to bring light to her path. Sure, sometimes she has needed others to remind her, and God always seemed to make sure I was in the right place at the right time when she needed such a reminder. The following is a short snippet of a vision he gave me one night in regards to my friend. It gave me hope for her and for all of those who may continue to struggle with depression, but who never give up on the God who never gives up on them. His promises are real and His love is unfailing, unconditional and never ending. Thank you, Jesus! Amen and Ehmen!

Sometimes it seems as if the darkness overtakes her from the inside out. Satan knows just what to use to cloud her soul, hurling her into an abyss of loneliness, hurt and depression. He knows full well that is harder for her to follow and find comfort in her Great God when her own eyes are shrouded by clouds.

What he can’t comprehend, however, is how her faith can still rise up like a phoenix from the darkest, nethermost reaches of his hellish plantings. And, just when he thinks he has her in his evil grip, the majestic bird adorned with colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet scoops her up and drops her safely in the lap of her Father.

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