Happy Anniversary: Celebrating Love. Past. Present and Future.

holding handsWriter’s Note: This was a note  wrote to my friend on the first wedding anniversary that she had to celebrate alone. Neil’s death, just seven months prior, usurped the life and love that she knew and, at least for a long while, it looked like she might not survive his death. But, she did, and, today, three more wedding anniversaries later, she is doing very well. God has ushered in a new life and a new love and, while she still misses Neil everyday, she is learning to keep moving forward…just as God intends. Happy Anniversary to my Friend. Enjoy the love. Past. Present. And Future. Amen and Ehmen!

To my friends who mark their 20th wedding anniversary today, one from heaven and one from here on earth. Thank God you had each other and that the heart is the one connection that will never go away; the place that heaven and earth meet and you will remain united until you are once again in the same place at the same time. I love you two with all my heart and I’m praying for your peace and comfort today, Denny.

I can still see his eyes—as beautiful blue and as comfortable as a favorite pair of denim jeans. I see them light up every single time you walked into the room. Even after more than two decades together, just your presence made him smile like a young schoolboy falling in love for the first time. And that cute and jovial little chuckle. The Neil chuckle, I call it. I can still hear it every time you’d say or do something silly, which, thankfully is often.
I’m sure your marriage wasn’t perfect. No relationship is. But, your love; well, your love was perfect.  And as you mark this anniversary of your matrimony with a saddened and clouded heart, just know that your Neil is just on the other side of those clouds smiling like a young schoolboy falling in love for the first time. He loves you, this I know, with a love that transcends all time and space. He loves you. Past. Present. And Future.

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