Our Creative Creator

Even though the billowing cloud, dark and mysterious, hung mid-sky, I couldn’t help butblue sky and clouds smile knowing in my heart what lay behind it. I knew this cloud was like a stage curtain in God’s own theater and that when He decided to peel it away, I would be completely awestruck. Just as this very thought passed through my mind, God must have decided it was show time and sent a gentle wind from stage left, quietly removing the dark veil and revealing the most beautiful blue sky accented with the fluffiest white clouds imaginable. The sun shone like a spotlight, highlighting the most vivid colors of the world all around me. Thank you, Jesus, for this display. Thank you for sharing your creativity with little old me and making my drive to work a memorable one. I absolutely adore you and will be on the front row of your audience anytime you’ll allow. Amen and Ehmen.

It’s All About Perspective…

amenandehmen eagle

It’s all about perspective and perseverance…

Proper perspective solves many problems. Before I chose the will of God over my own, life was so much harder. I cried a lot. I felt unsettled. I lamented about my conditions and worried about my future. I struggled to control things that were never mine to control. I had no true purpose and my passion was misplaced. Don’t get me wrong, I still hurt sometimes. I still have problems. I grow impatient. I cry. But I can also quickly turn it around and crawl right back into the lap of Jesus. I no longer wander thirsty, because Jesus makes hope spring forth even in the deserts. When you know Jesus, your past becomes a building block instead of a stumbling block and your present becomes an opportunity to soar high as if on the wings of eagles. Thank you, Jesus! Amen and Ehmen.

A New Lust for Dust!

Writer’s Note: For those of you that know me, you know that sometimes the most simple things delight and amaze me. Today’s focus is dust. Join me in showing those little dusty, dirty-looking, but most lovable particles the respect they deserve! May a little dust brighten up your day! Happy Hump Day!

Hey, this just in from Uncle John’s Bathroom reader (never mind say yes to dust for blogwhy I was reading it): Did you know the sky is actually not blue, but black? That dust particles and droplets of moisture in the air reflect sunlight to make it blue? See there, even things we think are just a pain–like dust–have a greater purpose. Hmmm…and we came from dust and to dust we will return. I have a new respect for dust. I almost feel guilty for owning pledge.