A Purposeful Conversation with God

Writer’s Note: This is an excerpt from my personal God Journals which was written in June of 2014.  It’s a theme that has come up often for me in the past seven or so years and, in fact, continues to do so. Thank Goodness our Father in Heaven loves us so much that He isdear god willing to continue reminding us of His love, grace and promises as many times as it takes. Amen and Ehmen!


Good morning, God. I know you’ve been urging me to open a blank page for a while now and I also know that I have been stalling. I’m not sure why. Our blank page conversations have always been incredible. Just know, and I know you do, that I am so very sorry. Being close to you and living out the purpose you have planned for me is what I genuinely want most in this life. And, now, I turn the page over to you. I love you, Lord.

“Dearest Brenda,

I have missed our blank page time, too. You know how much I love words. My Word is from whence all creation sprang; it is the glue which holds it all together, a living, breathing instruction manual and map to guide all of my children; and it is the answer, the truth and the light which shines so bright allowing my children to actually see their ultimate future.

Yes, I love words and this is why I have given you that same love. It delights me to see you opening your gift and I wait patiently for you to start actually using it. It does no good to sit it up on a shelf. This is not a keepsake. It will not grow in value unless you USE it. Think of it as potter’s clay. What beauty or purpose would a lump of clay have if the potter just put it on a shelf? What are the chances others would find it of any real value? But, if the potter uses that clay and molds it into a new creation, then all of a sudden, it takes on new life with real value.

I remind you of the parable of the talents. If you recall, there were three servants and each were given the same amount of talents. Two of them used their talents to increase their Master’s wealth and one just simply buried it. I do not need more wealth, for all is mine, but I do want you to increase my kingdom. Use the talents that I have given you to grow My kingdom. Weave letters into words and words into stories in which my children can see Me. My stories and miracles did not end with the penning of the Bible. I am ALIVE and creating stories of beauty, miracles, and everlasting life every minute of every day. Don’t forget, my dear child, that I breathed LIFE into the nostrils of Adam and thus every single human that breathes today has MY breath in them. Use it, child, to breathe life into your gift, your words…do it for Me; do it for My Glory. It’s what I created you for.”

Oh wow, I forgot how good this makes me feel. I’m sitting here with a smile that keeps growing with every letter I type. I’m off to look up the parable of the talents. I think this shall be my Bible study for the day. Lord, help me to use the talents you have given me and keep me on course. I want nothing more than to grow Your kingdom and make You happy. Much love from earth to heaven. Amen and Ehmen!

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