Come what may…he loves us, y’all!

I love reading through my Dear God Journals. He always seems to bring me back to just the right entry for the present moment I’m breathing in. I share in case in helps someone else. Love God and love others as you love yourself  Happy Saturday, Y’all!

April 15, 2018

Dear God, dear god
On the surface, it is a dreary, sleepy morning. I awoke to rolling thunder in the distance and now a
rather harsh rain is falling. Of course, with the skylights in my living room, the rain always sounds pretty intense, I imagine much like it does on a tin roof. I have always heard that many people find rain on a tin roof comforting. I’m not sure about that. The sound can sometimes be deafening. It definitely takes some getting used to. Still, even with all the noise, here I sit, safe, sound and dry, tucked away comfortably in my bed, writing you. Now, that is comforting! Insert peaceful sigh, here. I can feel you all around me, Lord. Welcome to my humble abode. Come on in and stay awhile. I love you.


Dear Child of Mine,

I love you, too. I love being in your presence as much as you love being in Mine.

It is a beautiful morning. Listen to the birds just outside your window. Can you hear them singing My praises? They are thanking Me for the rain as they know rain is a necessity of life; a gift from Me to all of creation. When the sun is shining, they thank Me for that, too, as it is also a gift.

You see, child, the birds get it. They understand that I will take care of them, no matter what. They live each moment, come what may. They trust Me to provide and protect. That is how I want you to live as well.

Come what may is a very difficult concept for you. It unsettles you like the roaring noise the rain makes on your skylights or a tin roof. What I want you to understand, my dear one, is that I am like the roof. I am the one that takes the beating so that you can remain safe and dry. I cover and protect you.

As for the sound, I hope you, too, will find comfort in it from now on. Let it be an audible sign to you that I am your protector and provider; that I will never leave nor forsake you. Listen, do you hear it? That, my child, is the sound of true love and devotion. Close your eyes and drink it all in. Live in the moment. Trust. I’ve got you covered. Today and every day, come what may.


Writer’s Note: Though it has been awhile since I have immersed myself in His Presence, conversing via the blank page, I have–this very week–once again discovered that He is always waiting and willing. He loves us, y’all! He really, really does!

Amen and Ehmen!

Rain Down On Me!

IMG_1340I just went for a walk on this rainy evening. In taking in the sweet smells of rain intermingling with newly bloomed flowers, I began to wonder if this could possibly be the scent of heaven. Just then, I fully believe that God, disguised as gentle raindrops, began tapping me on my shoulder. Focusing my mind on Him, I heard Him whisper in my ear, a little lesson on rain. “Have you ever really thought about the miracle of rain—life-giving waters that I send from Heaven to first wash away the dirt and the grime and then to feed all MY many beautiful trees and flowers and plants,” he quizzed. “Brenda, my child, just like the rains I pour onto the earth to cleanse, give and sustain life there, I want nothing more than to rain down on you. I planted your seed years ago, but for you to become the fully-developed, blossoming, beautiful, breathtaking and fruitful one that I intended for you to be, you must allow me to rain down on you. You must trust in me that through my plans for your life, you will be cleansed and you will be fully drenched in My Living Waters that will not only make you live your earthly life in full bloom, consequently spreading roots and seeds that will grow My Kingdom here on earth, but will give you the ultimate eternal life with Me.” Lord, God, I praise you and pray that you rain down on me, today and forever. I give you my life for Your purpose. Direct my steps and let it rain. Amen and Ehmen!