If ever I had a life verse, this is it…

Hey, y’all! I just had to add commentary to this bible verse post.

1:11 always has a way of presenting itself to me over and over at different times in my life. And, though, you can’t see it and it was definitely not planned, at least not on my part, this was posted on WP at exactly 1:11.

For years I have felt seeing 111 over and over again had to be significant. I FINALLY know what that significance is…it’s a reminder of Ephesians 1:11…a reminder to keep walking the walk and writing the words…He’s got the rest!

Thank You, God, for giving me this verse today in my devotional and for opening my eyes at a time when I most needed it.  Thank You for reminding me over and over and over and granting me so much grace  I don’t deserve it, but I am so happy that You give it anyway! Amen and Ehmen!

Update#2. I had just closed this post and was looking at it again when I noticed something else! Look at the date! 1/11! I just love God!


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