Please let it be so…

This is a short excerpt from a conversation with a dear friend who was going through a difficult time and seemed to be struggling a bit spiritually. About the same time, I was being nudged, sometimes not so gently, out of my comfort zone as I  began to see the fullness and the cruciality of the purposes and plans God has laid out for me. Stumbling upon the words tonight, it reignited something deep inside of me and I felt compelled to share it. It is in its original non-edited state, spoken from the heart, and shared tonight just because I’m learning not to question…

“You are still living much of your life based on feelings and emotions….flesh….as do many of us… still don’t trust God…at least not completely. You are still a little upset with Him….or maybe I should say disappointed by Him….We are both still trying to live in the Spirit, but to do so by dictating the parameters….by what we want, instead of what He wants.

It has really shook me to my core….knowing that God has this beautiful calling on my life….this mantle of spiritual leadership….and that I keep walking away out of fear and doubt,

THAT is what I want to fall in love with….overcoming fear and doubt and stepping into everything that He has for me. For there….in that place….I know that I know fear and sadness will be replaced with joy, and loneliness with the fullness of life.

I want to please Him. I don’t want to fear anything but Him.

I want to serve Him. To Glorify Him.

Please let it be so. Amen and Ehmen…

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