2 thoughts on “In The Storms…

  1. Just want you to know that your posts are reaching me and are very encouraging. I used to journal regularly but have stopped for a reason I know not. Your encouraging words have given me the courage to start again. Small beginnings. It is a safe easy way to say what is in my heart. So much has happened and changed over the last few years. No need for me to ramble just wanted to say thank you it is easy to take things for granted and just wanted to make sure that all you are doing is being noticed and helping people like me that have only God and paper to talk to. Thank you I would love to have something profound to say but my best is simple I really appreciate what you are doing and the courage for you to be honest has helped me to take a look at myself. I just looked up and am seeing our first snow flakes. They are beautiful, I love this time of year it reminds me again that my Father washed away my sin. So thankful for Him and you his faithful servant. Sincerely Nancy.

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    • Oh, Nancy. Thank you so much for your kind words and for letting me know that you get something out of the words I share here. Sometimes I get so busy with life, I, too, forget what matters most and this is what matters most… Being there for one another. Your words here are perfectly timed. He definitely used you to encourage me at a time when work has me very downtrodden…Thanks for living up to what the Word tells us…1 Thessalonians 5:11: Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. Please keep journaling and please keep praying that I do so as well. It is simply amazing the stuff that He teaches me via the blank journal page. Have a fantastic night and send some of that snow my way! I’m jealous. It’s warm and humid here. Much love, Brenda


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