Surviving the Depression War Zone

Giving up is Where Hope begins


To my fellow Christians suffering from depression. Don’t be ashamed, but instead take heart. Reach for help and know there are a host of us who love you and are pulling for you. Sure, more often than not, we feel helpless. I know, with my friend, I often ponder if this is how it feels to have a loved one in a war zone. I suppose in a sense you are in a war zone. You are fighting for your very life, entrenched in heavy battle with satan and his evil army of demons. They surround you and, though they can’t physically lay a hand on you, they make so much noise and create so much smoke and fog that you can’t help but spew and sputter. What you have to know is that the heat is getting turned up because time is running out and they know that you are near victory. It’s their hail mary pass; their last ditch effort.

The thing is, my dear friend, is that you have to remember that amid all that smoke and noise, God is right there. He never left. My prayer today is that the noise be squelched and the smoke be dissipated so that you can see Him and feel Him for All He is. Latch on. Sing “You Raise Me Up” or any other of your favorite praise and worship songs at the top of your lungs and drown out that devil. There is another side to this dark night and it’s right around the corner. The sun is coming up. All you have to do is keep walking toward and with Him. God loves you and so do I.

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