Putting it in perspective

I met someone recently. A refreshing your lady eager to help me with something work-Featured Image -- 351related. She sounds like a super, super busy person, and yet she is going well out of her way to help me get something done that is very important for my job. And she’s doing it because “she’s just happy to be able to help.” That’s not something I’m used to running into and her kindness just blew me away. And then she explained a little more about why her attitude is what it is. You see, when she says she’s “just happy to be ABLE to help,” she really means it. In the most literal sense. For just a few months ago, she was run over by a drunk driver while leaving work and it is nothing short of a miracle that she has lived to tell about it. My prayer is that God continues to bless this young lady in her healing. And I thank Him for bringing her into my path, not just for this much-needed answer to a problem, but for reminding me how precious life is and that it is all about perspective. God, thank you for this reminder. And, please, please help me to follow this sweet girl’s lead and just be “happy I’m able to help.” Amen and Ehmen.

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