We Can’t Beat Him, So Why Not Join Him?

I couldn’t sleep last night and decided to spend some time reading the Book of Esther and Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews. If he had succeeded, God’s plan to send His son to earth as a Jew could have been thwarted. However, God’s plan can never be stopped and Haman’s plan was doomed to fail.

As Christians, chances are we don’t plot to exterminate a whole race of people, but how many times do we let our own pride or ignorance launch a plan that may not be in God’s plan and is doomed to fail, unnecessarily causing pain and chaos in the end? Wouldn’t it be easier if we could all learn to first seek the face of God, to bow to His authority and to dedicate all of our time and energy to His purpose and plan which we all know is going to happen with or without our help?

I pray for the wisdom to spend my time and efforts helping. We can try to all day, just as people have throughout eternity, to outsmart, outlast and beat God, but it will NOT happen. We can’t beat Him. He is God. Why not join Him? Amen and Ehmen!

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