Today is Tangible Proof

Today, I will intentionally look for beautiful signs of summer: reflections on the lake, summer flowergreen grass, blue skies or even gray skies made tolerable by the smell of sweet rain. Today, I will listen for the love songs of birds, the breeze making its way through the leaves on the trees out back, the pitter patter of rain on my favorite picture window. It’s funny how rain can be so melancholy, peaceful and refreshing all at the same time. Today, I will breathe in deeply and take time to enjoy the scents of summer—even the cow poo in the field across the way as I know that that cow poo eventually fertilizes a field of beautiful green grass and wildflowers. Today, I will stop to feel the gentle breeze as it caresses my skin, the warmth of the sunshine embracing my soul or, if the day brings it, the cleansing rain on my face. Today, I will intentionally look for the Presence of God and realize that all these things are His love letters to me; tangible proof of an infinite, unyielding and unfailing love.

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